Social Media Management

If you’re actually busy, the last thing you have time to do is manage your business’ socials. Social media is a really important factor, especially in the film industry for reminding your customers you exist. Let Kaleidoscope help you remain relevant with Social Media Management.

Our handy team of millennials are always on call to help you can reach all of your social media #goals. We are always #nofilter when it comes to making sure that your socials stay on brand and are engaging to your followers. Our strategists can help you stay relevant, hit your social media goals and increase sales.


The Three Steps to Online Success

Whether you’re launching a new business or wanting to improve the presence of an existing one, getting online – building a website, registering social media accounts, and putting information about your business online the world wide web – is the first step to ensuring your digital success. 

Now your customers know who you are and what you do, remind them you’re around by establishing a strong social media presence. Our Social Media Management can run your socials or set you up with the essentials of social media marketing to leave with a member of your team to organise.

If a tree falls in the woods does it make a noise? Once you’re online, the next thing you need to do is get noticed. SEO takes a while to get yourself ranking well, so it’s good to start this as soon as you can. Sending an email mail-out to potential customers is also a great way to introduce yourself.

Facebook Advertising

On average, one sixteenth of our waking hours are spent on Facebook. The platform well-and-truly has our attention, so smart businesses are using this to their advantage.

Getting “likes” on facebook merely scratches the surface. To optimise social media for business, you need to dig deeper. And with slick Facebook advertising tools, you can narrow down your audience to perfection. Expect engagement, clicks, leads and sales.

Instagram Campaigns

Everyone and their dog is on Instagram. While you probably don’t want to market to Siberian huskies, you may want to direct your brand to the 9 million monthly active users in Australia.

In the 8 short years, Instagram has gone from being a place for filtered, pretty photos to a platform for businesses to humanise their content and direct their target audience to their website. Insta-success.

Successful campaigns