A kaleidoscope is a constantly changing image. Here at Kaleidoscope Digital, we embrace change. We envision change. And we enact change. We seek to change the film industry by providing our clients with the knowledge and tools to upgrade their scope. In this changing film industry, we help our clients go from relevant to visionary. We help the film-makers of today become the film-makers of tomorrow.

Kaleidoscope is the Film Industry’s web development company. We offer all the services a company or individual needs to grow online such as Website Design and Development, SEO, Digital Housekeeping, Social Media Management, Email Marketing and advertising on any platform of your choice.

The Film Industry’s weird and we love that. Before we were called Kaleidoscope, we used to provide services to people in all industries. After a year working on projects for film industry people we decided to re-name and dedicate ourselves to industry creatives.

Kaleidoscope exists to help anyone in the Film Industry with their online needs. In today’s world progress is happening faster than ever before and It’s inevitable that our industry will grow. Because of this, our mission is to help transition the industry to the digital age without losing it’s way. To help our industry transiting into the digital age without losing our way, we donate 10% of our resources. This goes towards establishing free to use services to help filmmakers do their thing with a bit of digital assistance.

We’re often asked, ‘where did the name Kaleidoscope come from?’. We wanted to create a development agency that would support people who make beautiful images. We want to empower them to continue making inspiring images. Over the last 200 years, the kaleidoscope has been a tool used to inspire and entertain people but also symbolises curiosity and change. These are two qualities that are vital for anyone in the film industry.

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Our goal is to always provide an exceptional level of service, and we aim for lasting partnerships with our clients and to have fun while doing all this.

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