YouTube Ads

If you need to self-promote your film, we can walk you through the steps for creating YouTube ads so you can promote your trailer for your selected audience.

Google Knowledge Panel

Knowledge Panels are fantastic information cards that show relevant information about your product/film/project. If you’ve ever tried to set up a Google Knowledge Panel you’ll know it isn’t easy. Kaleidoscope has helped films get the recognition they deserve with a detailed Knowledge Panel.

App Design and Development

Working in film, and using digital services on a daily basis, it’s easy to come up with a great idea for an app. Kaleidoscope can help you create an app. We can even link it to our FilmID database to make onboarding easier for potential users.

Call Sheet Design

Send a good first impression to your cast, crew and clients (if you have clients) by sending a beautifully designed, easy to navigate call sheet. Our call sheet templates are easy for anyone to edit in the platform of your choice.

Digital Housekeeping

Google My Business, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Film Vic Directory, Screen Aus Directory, The Production Book, White Pages, we could go on... Our Digital Housekeeping Service grooms through over 20 business listing platforms to make sure your information is accurate, up-to-date and consistent for all platforms.

Website Development

Need a website? Whether it’s a landing page for an upcoming film, a Wordpress site to display your latest work or a fully fledged website with an online booking system, KD can get you online to show your customers what makes you special.

Website Design

We are all about user friendly design. We design good. We focus all our energy on design over sentence construction. 

Social Media Advertising

Instagram is the medium which the film industry pays the most attention to, creating well designed grids and strategizing an effective campaign are essential to a successful launch. We have experience with Instagram campaigns and can boost your presence and help make your campaign go viral.

Facebook Advertising incl. Facebook Instant Experience

We have experience setting up Facebook ads and building Instant Experience pages, as well as creating online stores linked to Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Management

If you’re actually busy, the last thing you have time to do is manage your business’ socials. Social Media is a really important factor, especially in the film industry for reminding your customers you exist. Let Kaleidoscope help you remain relevant with Social Media Management.